Stewart Title Logo Commercial Purchaser Policy

Stewart Title’s Commercial Purchaser Policy for transactions of up to $5,000,000 provides protection in respect of commercial, industrial and rural* zoned land against certain unknown and hidden risks.

For risks which are unknown to your clients and where circumstances creating or giving rise to the risks existed or occurred before settlement or during the registration period, Stewart Title will provide cover for:

*Where the property is used for a commercial enterprise.

Like all insurance policies, a Commercial Purchaser Policy excludes certain risks from cover. Some of these standard exclusions include:

Stewart Title recognises that commercial transactions vary in nature. We offer a Commercial Purchaser Policy for properties with a purchase price of over $5,000,000 which may be tailored to suit your client’s risk management needs.

Please contact Stewart Title Limited Underwriting Department on 1800 300 440 to discuss your transaction and for further information on how we can help to protect your client.